Patience – An important aspect of a Good Teacher

Teachers - Historically, teachers have had very high regard all over the world. The reasons are quite clear. We choose to move towards a knowledge based society rather than anything else. Societies, countries who have given knowledge the utmost priority has lead the world on given moment of time. Reading and writing are one of... Continue Reading →


Rams – Hrútar (original title)

The film is about - 2 brothers Gummi and Kiddi living in a remote village in Iceland who haven't spoken to each other for past 40 years. I started watching this film based on my friend's recommendation who happen to travel to Iceland and shared some beautiful stories of Icelandic people. I happen to live in India,... Continue Reading →

Need for a new perspective on Indian education system

The question was originally asked on Quora - There is an agreement to the fact that, education is the most important tool available today to address problems of inequality, poverty, social freedom and healthcare in developing countries. After 70 years of independence, if we are still struggling to provide basic education to every child. Then... Continue Reading →

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