Rams – Hrútar (original title)

The film is about – 2 brothers Gummi and Kiddi living in a remote village in Iceland who haven’t spoken to each other for past 40 years.

I started watching this film based on my friend’s recommendation who happen to travel to Iceland and shared some beautiful stories of Icelandic people. I happen to live in India, a place of 1.3 billion people living in constant madness. And in contrast Iceland a place of around 300,000 + people with beautiful landscapes (as per Wikipedia). This made it exciting to see hopefully a good film and get a sense of Icelandic people and their lives.


The film starts with Gummi taking his Sheep from his farm to a competition followed up by Kiddi. Historically, they own the best sheep around the area. They win most of the prizes one over another. But they haven’t spoken to each other since past 40 years. The opening 10 mins sets up the plot beautifully in terms of understanding the importance of sheep with Iceland and their people.

Drama unfolds as one of Kiddi’s sheep diagnosed with a severe disease which puts entire area under threat. This leads to a very hard choice for farmers to choose between a safe future and the animal which they love most and is the major source of income. Finally, authorities decide to slaughter all sheep surrounding the area to contain the disease. It forces people making hard choices – young people decides to move out of the place as the situation leads to uncertain future, old people doesn’t have choice but to stay.

Gummi and Kiddi deals with the situation in their own way. It pushes them further apart but at the same time, circumstances force Gummi and Kiddi to deal with their differences for their own and sheep’s survival.


The film has a very strong human connect and its close interaction with animals in survival from nature. The film raises important questions –

  • For old people – between choosing a future which they can not see and living rest of their lives peacefully.
  • How much cost are humans willing to pay before they realize the human emotion and connect is the most important aspect of our lives?

The very last frame of the film says it all.

Imdb link – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3296658/?ref_=nv_sr_1 


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