Need for a new perspective on Indian education system

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There is an agreement to the fact that, education is the most important tool available today to address problems of inequality, poverty, social freedom and healthcare in developing countries.

After 70 years of independence, if we are still struggling to provide basic education to every child. Then there are surely flaws in our education system.

We have invested so much time, money, skill set, human resources in developing the current education systems. It is difficult to replace the current system with some alternative system overnight. But we can make efforts to make it a lot better. Teachers have most important role in developing a progressive education system which promotes creativity, innovation, learning, discussions…

Most of our education systems are designed to – push every piece of information to every student while killing creativity, innovation, imagination to explore ideas.

Now, we see the abundance of students with exactly similar skill set and hence their is fierce competition at every step which is killing every positive quality a student must have.

For Indians, we need to create more and diverse employment opportunities. I personally feel, that it is urgent now for young generation to build solutions for problems which they feel for, work on things which they are passionate about, have an open mind to pursue something where they can commit 100%. I understand, its easier said than done. But the educational environment, systems have to be built to promote such a mindset among young students, so that they can go for better alternatives without too much thinking of failures. If not now, than it will be too late for us to catch up, and social and economic inequality may lead to unforeseen consequences.

A take on – Girl Education in Uttar Pradesh, India – A reality check


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