When will SC/ST in India get social freedom?

Original question – When will SC/ST in India get social freedom?

Education is the answer to the social freedom for SC/STs.

Some facts on education state of Schedule caste in Uttar Pradesh – Schedule Caste – A social discrimination needs an urgent surgical strike

Beside religion, language and economic status, Indian society is also studied under division of caste system, varying from higher to lower. This discrimination by caste has created extremely neglected, poor and weak segments in the society, especially due to unavailability of education to the people of lower castes. For time immemorial education has been the birth right of higher castes whereas lower castes, especially the schedule castes (most of which are also rated untouchable) were subjected to labor jobs. Unfortunately the caste discrimination is way too deep rooted even for the so called modern India, in villages education is still not the primary concern for people in the lower castes; sometimes when it is, lack of finances force them to stay uneducated.

It is a one of the most challenging issues in India which needs to be addressed urgently.

I run a school for past 2 years in a village 100 KMs from Varanasi. There are students from all sections of society, but most of them are from underprivileged castes. I notice following things –

  1. Almost all students from schedule castes are the very first ones to get formal education in their families. Their parents have not attended any school.
  2. Parents are very much concerned with their kids education. They work on daily wages, but pay the tuition fee on time.
  3. Parents are hesitant to send their kids to other schools as they fear of bullying, harassment from upper caster kids & sometimes parents.
  4. Teachers need to show bit more attention to these kids as they sometime miss their assignments because of known reasons (i.e. no-one at home to help kids in their studies, electricity, don’t get suitable environment at home to study).

Education is the best tool available to uplift the social and economical status of SCs/STs. In 21st century, economic independence has given us a strong hope to bridge the gap as quickly as possible. I feel, if we the people, government manage to provide quality and affordable education to every child in next 10–20 years, we’ll be able to see the massive change.

If we don’t act today, it will create major imbalance in the country which will lead to unforeseen consequences.

A consequence of the discrimination in Uttar Pradesh – Saharanpur Riots – Social Change Unfolding


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